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From Our Family To Yours...pasta making class or
baby john's family recipe meatball class

At The Pasta Boss, we invite you to join us for an extraordinary culinary experience that celebrates the rich traditions of Italian cuisine. Where the love of Italian cooking comes alive! Choose between our immersive Pasta Making Class or the tantalizing Baby John's Family Recipe Meatball Class, and embark on a journey of flavors and techniques that will leave you inspired.

Baby John's Family Recipe Meatball Class

Baby John's Family Recipe Meatball Class: A Savory Delight
Indulge in the secrets of Baby John's Family Recipe Meatballs in our dedicated Meatball Class. Learn the perfect blend of herbs and spices, the art of rolling tender meatballs, and the techniques behind their exquisite flavor. As you immerse yourself in this hands-on experience, you'll create your own succulent meatballs to take home and share with family and friends.

Savor a Memorable Meal

After the class, we'll treat you to an unforgettable dining experience. You'll be served an appetizer,  indulge in the flavors and aromas of one of our famous pasta dishes. To top it all off, we'll serve a mouthwatering dessert that will leave a sweet impression. Baby John's own MULBERRY wine will be available for purchase for the perfect pairing!

Take home your culinary creation

We believe that the joy of cooking extends beyond the class, which is why you'll have the pleasure of taking home your own pasta or meatball creations. Share the flavors and the stories of your cooking journey with loved ones, and create lasting memories around the dinner table

Reserve your Spot Today

Tuesday's we are in the kitchen teaching these classes! Spaces for our classes are limited, so we encourage you to reserve your spot in advance. Whether you choose the Pasta Making Class or the Baby John's Family Recipe Meatball Class, you're guaranteed to embark on a culinary adventure that celebrates the essence of Italian cooking.

Join us at The Pasta Boss for this immersive and hands-on experience, where passion meets palate, and the love for Italian cuisine comes alive. Book your spot today and let the flavors of Italy inspire you. You will love the expertise and insights into the rich history and culinary traditions of Little Italy and gain a deeper understanding of the techniques, flavors, and stories behind these beloved and cherished dishes. Come join in on the fun, laughs and lasting memories that extend beyond the classroom.

Book your spot today and become a true maestro of pasta and meatball mastery. $75 per person, not including tax and gratuity. Wine available for purchase.
Group or Private Classes available.
Please call (646) 918-6993 for further information

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